Imposter Syndrome while building your Brand

I remember few years into my business, while I was writing a strategy proposal, having consistent feelings of doubt in every sentence I wrote. As I continued writing, I was slowly convincing myself that I was not qualified enough to execute the strategy I was proposing – which, by the way, I have done successfully many times before.

I was feeling like an imposter. It creeped on me.

Imposter syndrome is more common than we think. For most of us, we get that feeling at one point in our career, and that’s ok. The question is: How do we deal with it?

In this episode, I share with you a story of how felt imposter syndrome and what tactics worked for me to best handle it.

So many high achievers have this secret, where they feel like their accomplishments are a result of complete luck. 

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon, that gives us these false beliefs despite evidence that indicates we are skilled, qualified and even successful. 

This pattern of thoughts, and doubt can affect anyone, regardless of their job, social status, education or experience.

This episode is my way of telling you that you’re not alone.

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Author: Rana AlBasri Mouawad

I question a lot! My aim is to challenge the old mindset and open doors to creativity in life, at work and in business. We all Make Waves and I am here to help build your brand.

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