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Unlocking The Power of Employee Advocacy Programs & Personal Brand Alignment

When the topic of personal branding arises, it’s often associated with business owners, thought leaders, and public figures. Unfortunately, the valuable potential within a company’s workforce often goes unnoticed. It’s time for businesses to recognize the untapped potential of their employees in shaping the company’s success. Today, companies that encourage their employees to build their personal brands reap significant benefits.

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Personal Brand Resolutions: Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

As an entrepreneur, there are certain elements that you need to keep in-balance, where they work together in synergy to best represent you. Some of those elements are: a clear mission, communicating your values, identifying your USP, target audience niching, a solid and attractive offer, using the right channels of communication and a seamless customer experience. In this episode, we untangle any complicated processes and put the spotlight on personal brand mistakes to avoid this year.

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How do you Position yourself in a Competitive Market?

Brand positioning is an absolute must for all businesses wanting to succeed. It is the strategic process of being intentional in positioning your brand in the mind of your customers that sets you apart from your competitors. In this podcast episode, I take you through key elements that help you create that differentiation and building a strong brand positioning.

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10 Tips to Working with Influencers as a Small Business

In this digital space and as small business owners, we cannot afford to shy away from utilizing different marketing tools that can help us build our brand and our credibility… all while reaching more new audiences. Influencer marketing has clearly become one of the most efficient and effective ways for us, business owners, to reach potential target audience, all while increasing brand awareness and helping sales grow. This type of marketing comes at a much lower cost than traditional classic advertising. In this episode, we go through 10 important tips that will give you the confidence and eliminate any overwhelm you might feel about influencer marketing, as a small business owner with limited marketing budgets.