My Ultimate Purpose

Hi, I’m Rana and I help entrepreneurs build their Personal Brand, take control of their Content Strategy and Marketing Strategy to gain Confidence and Professional Authority for better Business Opportunities.

This platform is all about finding your professional voice, attracting interesting audience, exploring creative possibilities, entrepreneurship, hard earned lessons and so much more. 

I believe in challenging the old mindset, provoke thought, curiosity, growth and change towards building a life and business you love.

This platform and my work is designed to unlock your potential: I share ideas, tools, resources, strategies, lessons I learned working in the communications and marketing field and so much more, to help you build and grow the business you dream of.

Whether you have just started your business adventure or you’ve stumbled on some challenges or you want to grow your business, this platform has content, online training programs, Let’s Make Waves Podcast and everything in between to help you reach your potential.

The most dangerous phrase in our language is “we’ve always done it this way”

Admiral Grace hopper

Hi, my name is Rana and I’m an over thinker. 

I believe that I am not alone. I know that, like me, there are many who question whether their ideas are brilliant, their passions are strong, and whether their pursuit for entrepreneurship is the right thing to do.

My work and this platform is created to help you build a healthy business mindset, curiosity around creating a business and life you desire, provoke change, calculated risks and growth. I want to teach you to dare to be financially independent. 

I didn’t have a smooth ride into entrepreneurship. My shift was everything but easy. But the journey taught me many lessons and I am here to share them with you.