Change the Way you Work Forever! (from the book “Rework”)

I planned this bonus episode to share with you, my community, some points that I found powerful and helpful from a book I recently finished, “Rework” by Jason Fried & David Hansson.

This book is a fantastic resource to get your hands on (Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate and this is not a paid promotion), because it shares the experience of the writers and their point of view, advocating to re-work the long-standing normalization of certain things in business, defining them as limited-thinking.

The writers also debunk a lot of very common business “understand” by simplifying entrepreneurship with points that are more powerful than a lot of the fluff in the industry.

In this bonus episode, I share with you my favorite points from the book. I very much enjoyed reading this book and definitely go back to read and revisit again and again.

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“Rework” by Jason Fried & David Hansson

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Author: Rana AlBasri Mouawad

I question a lot! My aim is to challenge the old mindset and open doors to creativity in life, at work and in business. We all Make Waves and I am here to help build your brand.

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