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How to Create a 1-Month Content Calendar in an Hour

We all know that by sharing and publishing regularly, content serves as a tool of connection, education, or entertainment; building a bridge between us and people we want to connect with… audience who find us and stick around because we caught their attention. This episode is jam-packed with information to make content planning and filling a month’s content calendar an easy task.

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Can My Passion Be A Business?

The common thread, the one thing that I have noticed about 2020 for so many people is that they all have TIME. Time to start concentrating on passions and give them their overdue attention OR time used to evaluate personal situations, especially that many have woken up to the fragile nature of the job market, and the current shakiness of job security. If you are standing at this crossroad, thinking of uncomfortable changes, having tons of ideas or passions and wanting to turn them into businesses, then this episode is for you. The question is: how can you know if something you are passionate about can be a business?