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#17: What You Need to know about Collaborations to build your Personal Brand

Collaboration is one of the important marketing tools in your toolbox that can further grow the reach and awareness of your brand, and puts it infront of a new audience, who were not aware of your business. By definition, it is when a group of people, or a brand and a person, or 2 brands come together to work on a shared objective, project or mission.

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#15: Is Your Content Right for your Business?

I love content because it’s the way we share our voice, our vision… we connect, we serve, we help and we also use it to sell. It is the tool we all use to build our image, our reputation and our status. The ultimate goal is to build our brand and build, support or grow our business. In this episode, I share with you the four elements that create good content, as well as 3 Steps that will help you create the right content for your business.

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#13: How To Find Customers Online

The sustainability of a business is based on many factors, the main one is catering to the existing clients AND building new connections with potential customers. If you’ve just started your business venture or you are few years in, this question “How do I find customers online” will always surface, especially in this digital world. In this episode, I share with you actionable strategies to help you start implementing today, to find and connect with customers online.