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Behind the Scenes: This is How I Batch Create & Schedule my Content

In this episode, I take you behind the scenes of what I do in the back-end of my business when it comes to content ideation, creation, batching and publishing. I share with you tips and tools I use that helps me create 5 weeks of content, schedule it for publishing…all in the first few days of every month! By sharing this with you, I want to empower you to take control of your content strategy, minimize the overwhelm that could happen to all of us, and most importantly, feel proud and accomplished by using easy-tech tools that help you with this part of your business.

Understanding Content Strategy & its importance in building a Brand and Grow a Business

Content Strategy is the ongoing process of translating your objectives and business goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means of achieving those goals. So for us to build a content strategy, it is important to understand: What is Content? What are the four elements of Content? Why is content king? Why is Content Strategy important in building a brand and growing a business?

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How to Identify your Ideal Customer

When I first started my consultancy, I broadened my focus and soon enough, I realized that this was a mistake. Today, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to identify and determine their ideal customer. Narrowing down your customer base seems counterintuitive, but in reality, this increases your brand exposure. In this podcast episode, I share 3 steps to identify your ideal customer and a free resource.