Stop “Predicting” Your BAD Future

I know there is a science behind Positive Thinking. I know it is real. But the exclusivity of only positive thinking never resonated with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it has tremendous power, but it is also something that repulses people, especially when asked to think at times when it is almost impossible to find anything positive. Think about the parent who is watching their child fight a disease, or a couple in the midst of a divorce, or a person in an abusive relationship, or a family fleeing their home due to a war, or a child losing their parent… positive thinking is the last thing they want to do at that time.

Our internal thoughts are all over the place. In a single moment, we can have gazillion ideas, good or bad. Thoughts are super powerful. If we want to achieve anything, we have to start with our thoughts. That’s a reality.

If we want to achieve anything, we have to start with our thoughts. That’s a reality.

But what if we can’t get negative thoughts out of our mind – to think positively and to change and achieve what we want?

Trevor Mouawad (named the world’s best brain trainer by Sports Illustrated) once said in an interview:

Positive thoughts are 10 times more powerful when verbalized than when thought. This is the reason why affirmations are powerful and successful. When you simply say a positive thought out loud, its positive power multiplies by 10 and the probability of it happening increases.

Negative thoughts, on the other hand, are much more powerful; it is 4 to 7 times more powerful than positive. So the power of negative thinking is stronger than positive, and when it is verbalized, it is 40 to 70 times more powerful than positive.

By verbalizing negative thoughts, it becomes a sub-conscious plant and you automatically give it more power and it starts to grow. As a result, the probability of it happening is much higher because you are predicting and perpetuating what you don’t want to have.

So here’s food for thought:

Learning how to NOT externalize negative thoughts helps us stop predicting our ‘bad’ future. Negativity is the most powerful thing we are combating everyday, but by just keeping our mouth shut, we are a step closer to stripping it from its power on us.


Author: Rana AlBasri Mouawad

I question a lot! My aim is to challenge the old mindset and open doors to creativity in life, at work and in business. We all Make Waves and I am here to help build your brand.

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