How to Create a 1-Month Content Calendar in an Hour

As an entrepreneur with many hats to wear to run my business, my favorite one is the Content Creator hat.

I get to talk about the things that I love, know well and have experience in with all of you. I get to share what works and what brought me or my clients results. The best part is, content creation is the creative part of the business side. 

We all know that by sharing and publishing regularly, content serves as a tool of connection, education, or entertainment; building a bridge between us and people we want to connect with… audience who find us and stick around because we caught their attention, solved a pain-point, shared tips or resources or helped them understand how our product or service can bring them a step closer to their desired outcome.

To best navigate the content planning part of our business, making sure that the content calendars are filled with great ideas, planned and created to best serve our audience, scheduled on several platforms so we can maximize reach, we need to be disciplined with the planning part.

This episode is jam-packed with information to make this an easy to follow process. I share with you my tried and tested 6-step process to fill up one month’s calendar.

Don’t forget to get a pen and paper for notes when you’re listening.

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Author: Rana AlBasri Mouawad

I question a lot! My aim is to challenge the old mindset and open doors to creativity in life, at work and in business. We all Make Waves and I am here to help build your brand.

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