Understanding Content Strategy & its importance in building a Brand and Grow a Business

There are many definitions to Content, and I feel that most of them are focused on just information, as in Content is Information. That is not a complete definition.

What is content?

Content consists of 4 elements: Information, Context, Medium and Form. Every one of those elements is important, because without one, content is lacking and therefore will not deliver on its ultimate intent.

Think of it this way: 

If you have information without context, then it is just noise. Or if you have information and context but you lack form, then you are risking losing the attention of your reader or even loosing complete connection.

In today’s digital world, content is an important and vital tool in the success of your marketing strategy to support, build and grow your practice, your service or your business as an entrepreneur.

We’ve all heard it: Content is King.  Content helps you connect, attract and build a dialogue between you and your audience or clients.

This connection will build the “like & trust” factor with your target clients, and that will help in growing your business.

By knowing what Content is, it becomes easier to understand Content Strategy and why it is important to build a brand and grow a business.

By definition: Content Strategy is the ongoing process of translating your objectives and business goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means of achieving those goals.

Without that clarity, you do not have a content strategy. You just have content that is sporadic, non-directional, non-strategic.

Remember this:

Your goals are your Why. Your objectives are your What. Your content strategy is your How.

On this episode of Let’s Make Waves Podcast, I take you through the elements that will help you better understand why a Content Strategy is a pillar that can build your brand and grow your business.

Effectively planning your content strategy is an ongoing cycle. Once understood, you start by creating content, auditing it, testing it, eliminating some of it at times, until you find what really works for you and your business.

To best support you, this episode comes with a FREE resource that you can download using the link below.

The free resource is a List of 85 Types of Content & Formats. 

The purpose of this resource is to give you ideas of what is out there and what types of content can be created, so you can identify what suits you and your business and what you can commit to, when designing and building your content strategy.

Content Strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It is something that entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners can learn and master with time.

And best of all – a content strategy will streamline you messages, your voice and your connection with your audience. 

Don’t forget to download the FREE resource below, List of 85 Types of Content & Formats.

How do you manage your content strategy? Please share your favorite tips in the comments below. 

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Thanks for listening and we’ll touch base again next week with a new topic and a new episode. 

Episode 3

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