How To Find Customers Online

When deciding to create a business, many factors come into play and the core of that decision is a result of us identifying a need: We have something to share that is desirable for certain audience.

We either created a product, or have the expertise that can help our clients get over an issue they face, or teach them something they want to learn.

Our vision was clear and our mission was set to serve and build a profitable business. The next step becomes to make sure that we sustain our business and grow it.

The sustainability of a business is based on many factors, the main one is catering to the existing clients AND building new connections with potential customers. If you’ve just started your business venture or you are few years in, this question “How do I find customers online” will always surface, especially in this digital world.

The exercise of identifying “where” and “how” to find customers online might change and evolve with the rise of new digital platforms, especially in social media… However, there are certain methods that will always work in your pursuit to connect with your potential audience.

In this episode, I will walk you through tactics within 2 strategies to find customers online: The organic strategy and the paid strategy.

These tactics are actionable where you can start implementing today to find and connect with customers online.

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